Remodeling Spaces

Companies and individuals from time to time, find themselves faced with the need to remodel your space. A process that tends to improve the workplace or housing, and each case is different, and each client has its own needs and specifications. This process can be solved some problems such as deficiencies and/or construction defects, environmental and functional... taking the opportunity to implement a modernization and general improvement to the spaces to remodel. The appreciation of your space and your business depends entirely on the solution that is established at the design stage, complemented by a careful execution in remodeling phase.

Waterproofing and Insulation

In order to get a quality living and working as it deserves, the Pormenores e Argumentos runs the Waterproofing and insulation services. Taking care of problems such as moisture, running projects to provide thermal and acoustic comfort, applying materials to prevent fungal growth and spread of pests, the Pormenores e Argumentos always take into account the quality and customer satisfaction. The Pormenores e Argumentos have the ability to perform waterproofing: coverages; terraces; balconies; pools; tanks; caves; walls buried; among others... We also conduct thermal and acoustic insulation.

Paintings, Stucco and other Coatings

Taking into account some aspects derived from other services in the Pormenores e Argumentos operates, we provide our customers to complement all all kinds of work related to : painting; ceilings; plasterboard; designed and hand plasters.

Materials Application

Application materials such as granite, marble, slate and other natural stones. Counseling depending on the project application form, never forgetting the projected work. Quality of service and excellent execution, looking for the tiniest detail.

FILA Products

We maintain its materials with FILA products, excellent products certified and guaranteed quality.