Cautions on use

- Do not allow the fats or oils into contact with stones;

- Do not allow the spillage of products that can stain the stone such as, sauces, mustard, tea, alcoholic drinks, juices, coffee, vinegar, cosmetics, citrus, etc…

- Do not use in cleansing , harsh, blunt objects that could scratch or harm the rocks.

- Do not allow prolonged contact of dust or sand particles that can become aggressive for floors;

- Check the wheel motion state of appliances such as vacuum cleaners so that they do not scratching the stone.


- Cleaning and maintenance of surfaces of ornamental penises involves periodic washing with clean drinking water and, if you want a detergent that will have to be neutral and diluted in clean water;

- If you spill any harmful product in the rock, first wipe away with a damp cloth removing the most of the spilled product. Then rinse with clean water and a neutral purpose cleaner.